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Country United States
State: Pennsylvania
County: Beaver County
Population: 299 (2000)
Density: 3217.2/sq mi
Settled 1804
Incorporated 1820
An Institution established by Rev. Thomas Huges in 1802. The academy was created as a "prep" school for college. Classes included languages, philosophy, and astronomy. The stone structure was built around 1806, making it one of the oldest buildings still standing in Beaver County.
3/18/1819 - 10/10/1886
An American soldier and physician who served as a colonel and brigade commander in the Union Army during the Civil War. He attended Greersburg Academy in Darlington from 1838 to 1840. After, he spent time in medical school in Pittsburgh.

Official – Darlington Ordinance #101

An ordinance fixing the Tax Rate for all purposes in the Borough of Darlington, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, for the year 1920.

Be it enacted and ordained by the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington, and it is hereby enacted and ordained by authority of the same.

Sec. 1.  The Tax Rate for all purposes in the Borough of Darlington for the year 1920 be and the same is hereby fixed at ten (10) mills on each dollar of valuation.

Enacted and ordained into an ordinance by the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, this fourteenth day of June, A.D.1920.

Attest:              L. J. Nicely, President of Council
                        Glenn H. Watterson, Secretary           

                                    Official – Darlington

Resolution of the Council of the Borough of Darlington approving the lines, grades, drainage structures and all other plans showing proposed reconstruction work in the said borough.

Whereas; the State Highway Department has submitted to the Borough Council of Borough of Darlington plans showing proposed construction work on State Highway Route #204, from South Borough lines extending north to Second Street, thence west along Second street to Borough line, Sta. 605 and 256 to Sta. 629 and 00, a distance to 900 feet, as shown by the plans of said Highway Department, approved _________, 19 ___, therefore, be it resolved and ordained on motion of H. J. Derringer, seconded by Dr. B. C. Sawyer and carried that the Burgess and Council of the said Borough of Darlington ordain the said plans of the State Highway Department, together with lines, grades, drainage structures thereon shown, with full force and effect as the action of said Borough, and
Be it further ordained, that all ordinances of parts of ordinances inconsistent herewith, be and the same are hereby repealed. 

Passed and enacted at a session of Council of the Borough of Darlington held this 27th day of January, A.D. 1921.
                                                            L. J. Nicely, President
Attest:                                                  Glen H. Watterson, Secretary
                                                            (Borough Seal)
Approved by me this 27th day of January, A.D. 1921.
                                                            James H. Gaunt, Burgess.

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