Ordinance #275: Maintaining the Public Peace (1956)

An Ordinance relating to the Public Peace of the Borough of Darlington, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and providing penalties for the violation thereof.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted and ordained by the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by authority of the same, that all persons committing any of the offenses or engaging in the type of conduct, specified below in sections A thru J inclusive, shall be deemed to have been guilty of a Breach of the Peace within the Borough of Darlington:

  1. All persons who shall have publicly acted in a lewd, indecent or lascivious manner;
  2. All persons visibly intoxicated or drunken;
  3. All persons visibly engaged in begging;
  4. All suspicious persons who can give no reasonable account of themselves;
  5. All persons engaged in common swindling or common prostitution;
  6. All persons who abuse their families;
  7. All persons making use of loud or profane cursing or swearing, or any indecent or unbecoming conduct tending to disturb the peace and good order of the said Borough of Darlington;
  8. All persons causing any false alarm of fire;
  9. All persons maintaining or conducting any public gambling place or setting up and practicing any gambling or swindling game in the Borough of Darlington;
  10. All persons who may engage in the commission of any unlawful act tending to imperil the personal security or endanger the property of the

Any persons guilty of conduct set forth in paragraphs A thru J inclusive above shall, upon conviction thereof before the Burgess or a Justice of the Peace, forfeit and pay a fine or penalty of not less than Ten ($10.00) Dollars and not more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars and costs, and on default of payment of said fine and costs be sentenced and committed in the Beaver County Jail for a period of not exceeding Thirty (30) days.

Sec. 2. It is the intention of Borough Council that each separate provision of this ordinance shall be deemed independent of all other provisions herein, and it is further the intention of Borough Council that if any provision of this ordinance be declared to be invalid, all other provisions thereof shall remain valid and enforceable.

Sec. 3. All ordinances or part of ordinances conflicting herewith and hereby repealed insofar as they are inconsistent with this Ordinance.

Sec. 4. All fines or forfeitures collected upon conviction or upon forfeiture of bill of any person charged with a violation of any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be paid into the Borough Treasury.

Enacted by the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington this 6th day of December, 1956.

Delos Duff, President of Council

Attest:   John A. Zoppetti, Secretary of Council

Approved this 6th day of December, 1956.

  1. W. Myers, Burgess
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