Welcome to Darlington

Welcome to Darlington Borough–a great place to visit, a better place to live. Just five streets long and three streets wide, the Borough is nestled in the north west of Beaver County, PA, and is part of the Blackhawk School District.

While historic structures in the Borough pre-date the incorporation, Darlington was incorporated as Greersburg in 1820. The Borough was renamed in 1830 to Darlington, after a merchant from Pittsburgh, and has been known as such since that time.

The town square includes on each corner: the gazebo, erected in memory of Wayne Watterson, The Memorial Lot, which honors those that have served in the Wars, The Daniel Leasure Civil War Monument, and the Greersburg Academy.

Our population is just under 300 people with more than 120 households and 80 families–according to the 2000 census. The median age of our residents is 38 with a household income of $38,000. The affordability, accessibility and proximity of this historic community make Darlington a great place to visit and a better place to call home. This page is maintained by the Darlington Borough Council. For questions, or additional information, contact the Council office.