Ordinance 104: Improvement of Market and 2nd St.

An ordinance requesting the improvement of Market and Second Streets and agreeing to contribute to the cost thereof.

Whereas, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by the State Highway Commissioner, is about to reconstruct and improve a section eighteen, (18) feet in width, of State Highway Route #204, lying within the Borough of Darlington on Market and Second Streets.

Whereas, it is desired to improve the entire width of the said State Highway from Station 605-25.6 to Station 615-47, description of this is as follows:

From the East Borough line of Darlington, at Station 605-25.6 via Market and Second Streets to present improved road in Darlington Township, at Station 874-75.

Now, therefore, be it ordained, that the said Borough of Darlington by its duly authorized officers enter into a contract with the successful contractor, providing for the reconstruction of that portion of said Market and Second Streets, including necessary excavation, curbing and drainage structures not covered by the improvement to be made by the State, and that the said officers be authorized to enter into an agreement with the State Highway Commissioner on behalf of the Commonwealth providing for such improvement in the manner aforesaid.

Approved             19.21

James H. Gaunt, Burgess

I, Glenn H. Watterson, Secretary of the Borough Council of Darlington, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the ordinance adopted at a regular meeting of the Borough Council of said Borough, held February 7, 1921, said that the same has been recorded in the Borough Ordinance Book and has been advertised, as required by Law.

Glenn H. Watterson, Secretary

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