Ordinance 1908: Granting Big Beaver Gas Company to Lay, Maintain and Operate Gas Pipe

Granting to the Big Beaver Gas Company the right to lay, maintain and operate pipe lines for the distribution of gas in the Borough of Darlington.

Be it enacted and ordained by the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington, and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the authority of the same:

Sec. 1. There is hereby granted unto the Big Beaver Gas Company, its successors and assigns, the right and privilege to lay upon the streets, lanes and alleys in the Borough of Darlington, such lines of pipe as may be necessary and useful for the distribution by it of natural gas to the several persons, firms, partnerships, and corporations desiring to use the same.

Sec. 2. All lines of pipe laid in pursuance of this ordinance shall be buried whenever required and directed by the Town Council; and each and all of said lines should be of good and substantial pipe, with screw joint, and shall be maintained in a good and tight condition.

Sec. 3. Whenever hereafter at any time the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington shall establish a grade for any street, lane or alley upon which a line of pipe shall be laid under this ordinance, the Big Beaver Gas company shall and will, upon notice from the Town Council, lower or change the elevation of such pipe line so as to adjust the same to the requirements of the grade thus established.

Sec. 4. This ordinance shall be accepted in writing by the Big Beaver Gas Company within thirty days after its passage and approval by the Burgess, and all expense connected with the publication thereof, or otherwise, shall be paid by the said Big Beaver Gas Company.

Attest: John Harvey, President of Council
J. Brown, Secretary

Approved this 3rd day of February, 1908
James W. Kelly, Burgess

Feb. 19 da. 2 w.

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