Ordinance 238: Sanitary Sewers

An ordinance establishing a system of sanitary sewers and authoriz­ing the construction of the same in the Borough of Darlington, in the County of Beaver and State of Pennsylvania.

Be it enacted and ordained by the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington, and it is hereby enacted and ordained by authority of the same.

Sec. 1. There is thereby established in the Borough of Darlington a system of sanitary sewers, to be located as far as practicable along and within the lines of the roads, streets, highways and avenues of the Borough, as shown and designated on plans pre­ pared by the Borough Engineer, which said plans are hereby adopted and in all re­spects ratified and approved.

Sec. 2. Where it is reasonably impracticable in the judgment of Council in any part of said system to carry such sewers along the lines of public roads, streets, highways and avenues, the Council may locate and construct so much of the same as necessary through private lands.

Sec. 3. Said system of sanitary sewers shall be constructed in accordance with the following arrangements:

  1. All labor and sewer pipe shall be furnished and paid for by Civil Works Adminis­tration in accordance with an agreement heretofore entered into between the Bo­rough and the said Civil Works Administration.
  2. All tools, lumber, manholes, materials and supplies necessary for the construc­tion of said system, not furnished and paid for by the Civil Works Administration, shall be paid from the general funds of the Borough of Darlington.

Ordained and enacted into an Ordinance by the Town Council of the Borough of Dar­lington this 8th day of January, 1934.

Glenn H. Watterson, President of Council

Attest:    Harry J. Derringer, Secretary of Council Examined and approved January 8th, 1934.

  1. W. Peffer, Burgess
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