Ordinance 237: Beverage License Law

Whereas qualified voters of the Borough of Darlington equal in number to at least ten per centum of the highest vote cast for any office in said municipality at the last preced­ ing general election, have petitioned the corporate authorities of this Borough for a refe­rendum on the question of granting licenses to retailers of beverages under the Act of Assembly approved May 3, 1933 and known as the “Beverage License Law”; and

Whereas, it is now the duty of the corporate authorities of this Borough to pass and cer­tify to the County Commissioner a paper resolution to the end that said question may be submitted to the voters of said borough at the Municipal election occurring on the Se­ venth day of November, 1933 as provided by the thirty-first Beverage License Law.

Resolved, that said question, be submitted to the voters of said Borough in the following form:

Do you favor the granting of retail beverage license in the Borough of Darlington?

Yes —    No

Resolved further that this resolution be forthwith duly certified to the County Commis­sioners of Beaver County.

Adopted by an Ay and Nay vote of the Town Council of the Borough of Darlington the 2nd day of October, 1933.

  1. G. H. Watterson, President of Council

C. W. Peffer, BurgessAttest:    Clifford Baden, Secretary of Council October 2nd 1933, examined and approved.

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